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Services for Website Design Companies

You understand it, even if your clients may not. Website usability plays an essential role in any business web site that gets results:

  • Usable navigation makes sure visitors find what they need on the site.
  • Usable forms are filled out, resulting in more leads.
  • Usable shopping carts are finished, not abandoned.
  • And there are best practices in Internet business which, if applied to a web site, can greatly improve the chances that visitors will become customers. can help you get more sales by finding the problems on prospective customer sites, and by making creative suggestions on how to improve their sites.

I can help you with the sales you have already made, making sure that these customers receive new or redesigned sites that meet every best practice.

Don't put yourself in the position of one web designer (for whom I did an analysis of a customer site they just completed). I found a total of 32 different errors, in navigation, in the use of graphics, in forms and in repeated failure to sell the product. (After some discussion, the designer agreed with every point I made.)

Make use of my services at these points in your workflow:

  • Pre-sales analysis
    (I’ll look at a potential customer site and provide you with a list of usability problems and missed - or mishandled - sales conversion opportunities, arming you with objective suggestions to take with you to the client.)
  • Design Phase Analysis
    (I’ll look at a current customer site, and provide you with a list of the worst usability problems and missed opportunities, to help guide your efforts in creating a new site.)
  • Proposed Site Analysis
    (I can perform a similar check on a proposed or wireframe design, auditing the work of your designers, checking for usability flaws and making sure that the site you design for customers meets the hundreds of known standards on the web before you show it to the client.)
  • Final Inspection
    (Get an objective, expert second opinion on the site before you show it to the client.)
  • Resell's Services
    (I also do competitive site analysis and website appraisals.) Can Help You Provide Better Service

Here are some of the ways I can help you. I can

   Augment the capabilities of your existing staff:

    • Although most salespeople have basic ideas about how a particular client can improve their Internet web site customer conversion rates, few are able to call upon a toolset with over 200 specific best practices.
    • Although most web designers have at least some familiarity with usability, few have a tool set that lets them test web sites (or proposed site designs) for more than 400 known problems.
    • Although most programmers have some basic familiarity with usability and interface design, few use a tool set that identifies more than fifty problems that infest navigation bars and form pages.
    • I've spent years helping small business web sites (and large organizations) improve every aspect of their web sites (see my customer testimonial page). I do more than just point out problems; I offer creative solutions to problems. You can offer your clients these creative solutions under your business letterhead.

   Extend your company's sales capacity without hiring additional staff:

    • When you do a pre-sales analysis of a potential client, how much does it cost you? Have you ever estimated the cost of getting your salesperson together with a site designer or graphic artist, a programmer and a database analyst for several hours to discuss what might be done for a specific client? (See my project management experience.)
    • When you get a number of requests for proposals from potential clients, can you easily expand your staff to make sure each client gets the best possible pitch from your salespeople?

   Provide an outside, objective, balanced critique of a new site before
   it is shown to the client (and the world):

    • Every quality magazine has an editor. Every quality book publisher has an editor. Every web site design firm needs an editor, someone who stands outside the development process. I can make sure that the site meets the original goals defined by the client, and meets the essential usability standards that specifically recognize the needs of customers.

   Supply services that you can resell to your clients:

    • A web site appraisal may be the impetus that your client needs to spruce up their web site before selling.
    • A client might want to see an outside, second opinion before purchasing your services.

I respect your relationship with your clients; I will not contact them unless you request it. When you purchase a report from, it is yours to use as you see fit, using part or all under your business letterhead (as long as you respect my copyright restrictions).

Still not sure if you need Keep in mind - Yahoo lists over 12,000 web site design firms; contact me if you are interested in gaining a competitive advantage in the business of web site design.


Finally, if you are not satisfied with a report, if you truly feel that it does not help you better serve your customer by finding problems (and opportunities) that you did not, I will not charge you for the report.

How to Buy

If you would like to work for you, please use the Contact Us form to get the ball rolling. Alternatively, you can contact me via e-mail at, or call me toll-free at 866-SITEDOC.


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