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Competitive Website Analysis

We recommend that you become more aware of your direct competitors on the web, sites which offer similar services or products. Why? Because the web provides a sales environment in which

  • Finding competitors is easy
  • Comparison of products and services is easy
  • Customers tend to return to sites where the browsing is easy (usable site) and information is plentiful.

You probably go to your competitor's websites; but do you have the tools and website usability professional's mind set to examine them objectively?

The Competitive Website Analysis from offers the following three ways to look at your website - and the competition:

Competitive Feature Analysis

Let analyze competitor websites and compare them to yours; we find out what features they have on their website that you do not. We look for best practices and advanced web capabilities - then you can choose whether or not implementing changes will give the return on investment you need.

Competitive Usability Analysis

We measure the usability of competitor websites. Do your competitors have sites that offer customers an easier time finding information - and making their purchase decision?

Competitive E-Business Analysis has over 200 e-business best practices on file; how do you stack up to your competitors on making sales, taking in leads, or achieving other goals? How well do you present your offer to customers - do you competitors do a better job?

Once the issues have been identified from these different areas, it is up to you to make a business decision about which issues to address. We help you make this decision by providing you with a focused, understandable report which educates you about is at stake. Our reports provide background information to help you decide, as well as the business case for fixing problems.


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