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What's The Story With Pop-Under Ads?


Pop-under ads are those annoying additional browser windows that pop up under the window you are currently using. The customer only finds the ad when they click off or leave the site they originally chose. The most frequently seen ad currently is the one for, a wireless camera site. The customer picks a site that has nothing to do with cameras; but if that site has an agreement with, code in the site's web page pops up a new browser window containing the camera ad.

Although the technique has been popular for increasing traffic to the company's web site, they fail to convert browsers to buyers. According to a report from Jupiter Media Metrix, 73 percent of unique visitors leave the site or window before 20 seconds.

Among the problems mentioned with's approach is that while sites that employ pop-ups usually have a frequency cap of two ads per user per session, places no limit on frequency, thus inundating consumers with ads.


The Jupiter Media Metrix analyst remarks

"While pop-unders such as have achieved mass reach online, relevancy still matters more than format," Gluck said. "The ubiquity of the ads, and consumers' subsequent rejection of them, reinforces the notion that allowing consumers to exercise free will in their surfing and providing them with targeted, relevant offers are the keys to successful online marketing."
How do you react to pop-under ads? If you simply look for the upper right corner for the delete button, is it because you reject any such ads, or is it because you know the ad is not for something you want? Ask your sales people what their customers would think before you jump into pop-under ads; their potential for annoying customers is high.


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