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Eight Secrets for Successful E-Service


Check out these tips:

  • Make sure your Web site listens -- Attention should be paid to both explicit and implicit customer requests.
  • Give customers what they want -- Customer inquiries should be captured and the information should be used to enhance the site content for future visitors.
  • Make responsive content and response mechanisms easy to find and easy to use -- In a nutshell, the white paper states, "Hidden content is the same as no content at all."
  • The "80/20" rule -- Eighty percent of all site traffic is aimed at 20 percent of the content. Essentially, a small amount of content is responsible for most of the business so filling your site with the right content is critical.
  • Get "pushy" -- E-mail notifications, when timed properly, can act as extensions for your Web site and motivate visitors to return.
  • Respond fast -- E-mail response should be as quick as possible otherwise you run the risk of a disappointing a customer that wont be likely to return.
  • Track religiously -- Consistent monitoring of customer requests allows for better focus of Web content.
  • Automate, automate, automate -- An increase in site traffic can easily cause basic tasks to become neglected. Automation enables labor-intensive chores to be completed immediately, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


Don't make the mistake of trying to correct all of these problems at once; pick one or two that seem to be the highest priority for your company.

These tips can be problematic for companies like yours, that serve both businesses and consumers. You will probably find that a different toolset is needed to work with each group.

Use the remaining tips to help you shape your future efforts on the web.


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