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How Many Of Your Competitors Now Have A Web Site?


According to Dun and Bradstreet's 20th Annual Survey of Small Businesses, approximately 85% of all small businesses have Internet access. More than half of small businesses have a web site. Only 27 percent of those with a Web site are currently selling on the Internet, and average less than three Web-based orders per month. Among all of the survey's respondents, less than one-quarter say they plan to invest in a Web site or Internet marketing in 2001.


Congratulations! You're ahead of the game - but not by much. We hope you will take the time to implement the recomendations you received in your report(s) from If you have not received one, have you considered getting an e-business report, to check your site strategy? Use the Service Descriptions link on your Web Success Center home page to find out more.


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