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When Will You Upgrade To Windows XP?


According to research from Gartner's Dataquest, consumers will be the early adopters of the new Microsoft operating system. This study noted that Windows 2000 will remain the leading operating system for businesses in 2002. In the consumer market, it is predicted that 87 percent of new windows personal computers will have the new Windows operating system in 2002.

The new Windows XP Home edition is considered a genuine advance over the previous versions of Windows. Analysts believe that the new Windows operating system will be more stable for consumers. However the Windows XP Professional version is only an incremental change from Windows 2000 Professional.


The Gartner analysts went on to say that most enterprises will see little return on investment upgrading existing Windows 2000 machines. Existing PCs that the knowledge for only 12 months should probably not be upgraded. Microsoft continues to maintain dominance in personal computers; 92 percent of new computers use the Windows operating system.


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