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Will Customers Sign Up For Your New Feature?


Jupiter Media Metrix reports that only 26% of the online buyers in the U.S. have made any use of an online gift registry. Only 8% have made a direct purchase from a gift registry.

Among the report highlights:

  • Only three percent of online buyers created an online registry or wish list for themselves for a wedding or anniversary. Moreover, only 26 percent reported having any interaction with an online registry. Jupiter analysts attribute the low consumer usage to the lack of perceived value that online registries provide.
  • 40% of brick-and-mortar retailers offered some kind of online gift registry or wish list at their Web site. The most common type of registry found online is the general-purpose wish list that typically targets holiday and birthday-gift-buying consumers (75 percent of Web sites that offer gift registries). Bridal and baby registries follow with 45 percent and 10 percent of top retail sites offering the service, respectively.
  • Registry users are ripe prospects for retailers looking to target lifetime consumers. Females ages 25 to 34 are the most likely to use an online registry or wish list. This audience matches the demographics of off-line wedding registries. By capturing this group of buyers in the early stage of purchasing home products, retailers can cross-sell related products during the initial process of setting up a first home.


This is an interesting case for any web site trying to set up a unique form of interaction with customers on their web site.


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