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Fishing For Multiple Revenue Streams


In this Business 2.0 article, Steve Outing looks at some of the options, most of them variations on the 468x60 pixel banners we're all used to (way too used to - clickthru rates of .2% have been reported):

  • Tall ads (skyscraper ads that are tall and thin - and big)
  • Really big ads (seen on CNET)
  • Pop-up ads that appear when a user mouses over or clicks on an area of the screen.
  • Interstitial ads appear "between screens" or after you (thought you) left a site.
  • "Wallpaper" - sort of like a watermark on the page.
  • Paid subscriptions in exchange for freedom from ads.
  • On-demand marketing e-mail, where the customer goes to a site and requests information on a topic or product type.
  • Requesting donations (see, Jakob Nielsen's site.




Click here for the story (opens in new window)


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